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About Us

Words-N-Icons is a collective of artists, creatives and friends that share a vision to promote our work and spread cheer throughout the lands. What better way than merchandising? We've been making custom shirts for ourselves, friends and family for years and figured "why not the world?" Now you too can enjoy the awesomeness on a shirt, mug, poster, phone case...you get the idea. Anyway, we believe in positive, fun and fantastic design (no bad vibes here). Want a portrait of yourself on a shirt? Maybe your dog? We can do that!!!...for a price of course. They say "art is subjective" and it's true. There's a lot of great stuff here and some not so great. If you don't like anything in the shop, drop us a line with a cool idea, question, comment or concern. Don't forget to send us your cool selfies with your new swag! We ♥ 🖼